Our Patented Wireless Shaping Bras

The “Impossible” Wireless 

What is your no.1 criteria in choosing a bra? According to a survey, 70% of women’s first priority was “comfort”. This cannot be denied as a bra is an intimate item that is worn close to your skin, and more probably more than 10 hours a day. 

With the change of modern lifestyles and technological improvements, we tend to look for products that are multi-functional, able to upgrade your lifestyle and of course most importantly, worth its value. 

Bradelis strongly valued this concept in mind and designed a series of revolutionary wireless bras. After numerous research and product development, we successfully launched our Japanese patented innovation, push up wireless bras that you did not think was possible - “Heart Cup Styles”, the all-in-one push up wireless bra that is functional, stylish and comfortable.

The Secret to our Wireless Bras - "Patent Design"

With our patented arched panels, the cups are lifted from 3 directions to create push-up and push-in functions. The side powernet panels provide extra support and prevent side bulges from forming. Most importantly, our Heart Cup Styles delivers adequate support even though there are no wires.

Check out all our Patent Designs here: https://bradelisnewyork.com/collections/patented-wireless-bras

Benefits of the “Impossible” Wireless

Our push up wireless bras can be worn for any occasions, just to list a few out of many benefits:

- easy to pack for travel, easy to wash

- seamless and good as t-shirt bras, plus way to wear

- stylish and there’s many varieties you can choose from, for example with/without hooks, with/without lace 

- dress sizing standard for easier fit 

- delivers ultimate comfort like no itchy tags, adjustable straps, our Japanese designers are attentive to these little details  

- can be worn during light sports or any day when you feel under the weather  

Sports bras, wireless bra tops, bralettes…There are so many varieties of wireless bras out in the market, but trust us, the only one you need is this wireless bra. And our satisfied customers worldwide can prove it. 

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