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Article: Beginners' Guide to Bradelis

breasts concern

Beginners' Guide to Bradelis

Bradelis Brings Real Difference

Thinking that your breast shape is inborn and cannot be changed? That is absolutely not 100% correct. We are not talking about suction surgery or breasts implants, but a far simpler and more effective solution - the best way is actually wearing the right bra and panty. In fact, just like following a balanced diet, a well fitting bra can actually bring about beneficial changes to your body shape.

Thinking all Store Staff Knows Your Bra Size?
Almost 80% of women do not know their right size - this has been a common issue. We’ve all dabbled in the famous brands, following the size recommended by the store staff, convinced that they knew best and coming away disappointed as the bra gradually does not fit well after a few wears and washes. In fact, just a few centimeters difference can already cause some of the common problems below.

My breast shape can be described as east-west as they are quite wide apart with no cleavage. When I was a teenager I thought that was all I got and I blamed my genes for being flat chested and breasts spreading apart. Only after did I tried wearing Bradelis Bras did I realize that this was a complete misconception.

Lingerie is the Foundation for Your Body Shape
Since breasts and hip tissues are mainly fat, the underwear that you wear is the foundation to your body shape's framework. For instance if you wear a bra that is too small, the cups are unable to accommodate all your breasts tissues, thereby causing the tissues to overflow, creating underarm bulges and back accumulating fat. Choosing the correct bra style and size is thus very important in deciding what your body figure looks like, in addition to other factors like diet and exercise.

Shaping Step System
The Bradelis Bra Team researched many years to develop a unique Step System that would take out the guesswork or blind reliance on a stranger’s opinion when it came to finding a better fitting bra. Our shaping bras are designed to correct the common bust concerns, namely, no breast volume, sagging, wide apart, underarm bulges and many more. In order to provide benefit to each body shape and other underlying individual factors, we have developed a series of bra shaping steps.


Step 0 Wire-Free & Hold
...for those who prefer comfort yet still supportive and stylish

Our bestseller worldwide is the Heart Cup Style HUG ME WIRELESS SHAPING BRA. Using patent design, this wireless bra combines comfort, style and function all in one.
Check out our other patented design wireless bras here.


Step 1 Scoop & Shape
...our Step 1 wide wires are specially designed to scoop and shape the excess tissues back to the bust area, establishing a base foundation for a natural and nice breast shape
For Step 1, our most classic styles are Jasmine Styles and Wendy Styles.


Step 2 Push-Up & Plunge further push-in the breasts and create a centered and fuller bust silhouette
For Step 2, it is divided into Naomi Styles, Rose Styles and Belle Styles.

Step 3 Lift & Contour...the ultimate contouring to achieve a deep cleavage and decolletage look
For Step 3, Jacqueline Styles are easier to fit and Viola Styles are the most advanced fit.

Beginners' Guide to Bradelis
Since Bradelis bras are functional, the sizes and styles fit differently from the standard commercially available Bras and Bradelis Bras are usually 1-2 cups sizes larger than your usual bra size. To check your recommended Bradelis size, please refer to our size chart or you can consult our experienced online customer service for fit recommendations. If you’re pressed for time, we recommend taking our Bradelis Free Bra Fitting Quiz, which will lead you to a better fitting bra in under 2 minutes. Take the quiz here.

Our top picks for your first Bradelis bras are the Step 0 Seamless Push-Up Wireless Shaping Bra and the Step 1 Challenge Shaping Bra. As hundreds of customers have had these styles in their Bra drawer for years, you really can’t go wrong with either one.

Finally, wearing and washing the shaping bra correctly is very important to achieve the best shaping results. You can watch our How To Wear videos here.

#FindABetterFit with Bradelis.



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