Are you wearing the wrong size bra?

Wearing the wrong bra size without adequate support can create unflattering effects.

An ill fitting bra doesn’t provide lift or support and doesn’t really hold breast tissue in place.

Bradelis is here to help you

Wearing a Bradelis New York Bra repositions your breast tissue properly within the cup.

The proper fit and sizing smooths and helps to define your feminine curves.

Learn how to correctly wear your Bradelis Shaping Bra!

1. Put on your Step System bra and lean forward 90 degrees.

2. Scoop your breasts until they are placed within the cups and the underwire is flat against your skin.

3. Pull the under-band down in the back and adjust it so it is straight. Make sure there are no gaps.

See a noticeable difference in your silhouette

Step 1. Signature Push Up Bra

Gently holds your bust and collects breast tissue to create the contour line.

Step 2. Dramatic Push Up Bra

Collects your breast tissue to the center and increases your cleavage.