Bradelis Rewards

Sign up today to join our Bradelis Rewards Program.
It’s free to join and you’ll earn reward points for every purchase!
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Get 500 Bradelis points (worth $5) just for signing up!*


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*500 points valid for new member sign-ups only
  • Make a Purchase

Spend $1, earn 1 point
Earn 100 points, get $1 to spend

Redeem Your Rewards

  1. In cart and/or checkout, click the “Apply Discount” button next to the text “Use X points for a $X discount on this order!”
  2. A pop-up will ask you how many points you would like to apply. To redeem all available points, press “OK”. If you want to redeem partial points, enter the custom amount in the field then press “OK”.
  3. Points redemption in the amount of dollars will be added to your order. To remove it, click [Remove] next to the amount. Enjoy your discount!

Please note:  Any points you will earn for an order will be available to be applied as a reward for a future purchase. 
Reward point coupons and promo code coupons are not combinable.


I already have an account. Am I eligible for the bonus sign-up points?
Unfortunately, no. At this time, the bonus points are for new members only.

I have an account. Will my previous purchases be automatically converted to points in my account?
Unfortunately, no. Because this is a new system, we are starting new from this point forward.

Will my points expire?
Yes. Points will expire after one year. If they are not redeemed before then, they will be forfeit.

Points were deducted from my account. Why?
When you return an item, please note that points will be deducted for the dollar equivalent your purchase was. (Ex. Returning $100 = -100 points)

My points don’t exactly equal the purchases I’ve made. How come? 
Our points system rounds to the nearest integer. (Ex. $100.51 = 101 points). Also, points are calculated for the subtotal and excludes all tax and shipping fees.

I think my points are incorrect. Can you adjust them?
We will gladly take a look at your account to see if there is any issue. Please contact us with details regarding your inquiry. We will investigate your situation but please note there is no guarantee to adjusting points at any given time.

I made an in-store purchase. Can I have points added to my account?
Unfortunately, no. At this time, reward points are an online only exclusive (special event reward points may be offered from time to time). 

Can I use partial redemption?
Yes. As long as your points are not 0, you may redeem any increment of $ rewards you may wish.

I will get 100 points for an order. I want to use the reward right away. Is this possible?
No. Points will be added to your account after your purchase is complete. All rewards will be applied to future purchases.