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Fit System FAQ

Can I redefine my body?

You can redefine your body by collecting and repositioning fatty tissue from the back and the sides to its proper position. Our specially designed garments and custom fitting technique will lead you to achieve your most beautiful silhouette.

How long does it take to notice changes?

Some customers notice changes in their shape as little as 2 weeks; however, the majority of our customers recognize changes within 2 months. While individual results may vary, it is important to wear our Step garments properly everyday to ensure the results.

Are the garments easy to wear?

Please see the following fit guide. The garments will become more wearable and comfortable with daily use.

Should I wear a bra when I am sleeping?

We do not advise wearing bras to go to sleep as underwires can poke and cause discomfort. Looser fitting garments are recommended.

Should I replace brassieres when I notice the size change?

If your bra begins to feel too tight or too loose, we recommend having complimentary check-ups as you may need to change your bra size. Continuing to wear ill-fitted garments may lead to losing your youthful silhouette. We recommend having regularly scheduled check-ups to achieve the perfect fit. Bradelis New York stores provide free on-the-spot alterations.

Can I stop wearing shapewear once I reach my desired results?

A woman's body is mainly consisted of fatty tissues, which are soft and susceptible to change. Even after reaching the desired results, once you stop wearing the Bradelis New York's supportive garments, your body may easily lose its sleek silhouette and sculpted look. We recommend wearing our shapewear and lingerie basics daily and reserving the "finer" lingerie for special occasions.

Do I need to alternate bras every day?

We recommend washing bras everyday by hand. Body sweat and other impurities are not only unsanitary, but can easily damage delicate fabrics and fiber threads if left unclean. Buying multiples of your favorite garments will preserve the life of the garments and save you money in the long run.

Can I wear shapewear when I am pregnant?

We recommend wearing soft bras with a high stretch contents during pregnancy. The Momo-Panty is specially constructed with four-way stretch cotton and provides comfortable high-waist coverage and full back support. Please select one size larger than usual, depending on your stage of pregnancy. To redefine your curves after pregnancy, try the Bradelis New York Girdle and Waist Cincher. For optimum results, it is important to resume wearing the custom-fit bras once infants are weaned. After delivery, Bradelis New York's Girdle or Waist Cincher are both ideal to sculpt the smooth and contoured waistline.

Is it necessary to wear undergarments with girdle?

No, our girdles are designed with a cotton gusset and may be worn without undergarments. Combining panties with a girdle may actually constrict the groin and impair circulation, causing bruising or marking. For those that feel more comfortable wearing panties under a girdle, we recommend the Momo Panties or simple thongs.

Is it possible to redefine my silhouette simply by wearing the Bradelis New York panties?

Our bodies gradually change as do our curves. These curves' changes are often accelerated and accentuated by regular use of unsupportive, ill-fitting undergarments. Control panties (Momo-Panty) are specially designed to lift and define the bottom while separating it from the thigh and smoothing over the effects left behind by ill-fitting undergarments.

When should I start wearing shapewear?

Our customers' ages range from women in their teens to those in their 70's, and they choose our garments for a variety of reasons. Some customers even purchase their first bras at Bradelis New York in order to ensure their breasts grow and form properly. Undergarments are our foundation, regardless of age, and thus finding the proper style and fit is essential in maintaining our natural beauty and enhancing the silhouette.

Can I expect to lose weight by wearing shapewear?

Bradelis New York's shapewear helps to redefine the reshape your curves to the proper position. While our shapewear does not induce weight-loss, the sculpted, contoured look will result in a more sleek and flattering silhouette.

Are the garments uncomfortable?

If worn properly, the garments should feel secure and comfortable. Our Fit Specialist will provide a comprehensive consultation to evaluate your needs and concerns. Accurate measurements will be taken, assessing your bustline, proportions, and physical composition to achieve the perfect fit.

What causes the silhouette to change?

As time progress, our bodies gradually change as do our curves. These curves' changes are often accelerated and accentuated by diet, pregnancy, weight fluctuations, and regular use of unsupportive, ill-fitting undergarments. You can redefine your silhouette by adjusting and reshaping your curves to the proper position.

How does Bradelis New York shapewear differ from typical "control garments"?

"Control garments" are said to wear temporarily and constrict the body to produce a slim, curvy look. Bradelis New York's shapewear is designed to collect and reposition fatty tissue around the breasts and hips to their proper position, essentially redefining the silhouette.