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Please check your Bradelis Size before placing your order to ensure the correct fit. Japan size is displayed first, followed by the corresponding US size.

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Statistics show that 80% of women are wearing the wrong size bra. The average women wear an underband that is too big for them because they believe that wearing a looser fitting bra is more comfortable. As a result, their bra’s cup size tends to be too small and the bra does not fit properly. When bras are manufactured the cup sizes are cross graded (e.g. 34C cup is equivalent with 32D cup; 36B with 34C, and so on). If you wear a 36B, your correct size might be 34C or even 34D. If the band is loose, your bra cannot give you proper support. If the cups are too small, the breasts are constricted. In addition, your body shape changes day by day. You need to measure your size every time before placing an order.

See a noticeable difference when you wear a right size bra properly.

*Please be aware that cup sizes may vary according to brand or design.


Measure the smallest part of your waist in relaxed position


Measure around the fullest part of your hips

How to measure your size correctly

*Please measure yourself without wearing a bra.

1) First, bend your upper body to 90 degrees and wrap the measuring tape around the fullest part of your bust.

2) Next wrap the measuring tape around your ribcage directly under the swell of your breasts. The measuring tape should be taut but not pressing into the skin. Since bra band sizes are even numbers, round up to the nearest band size. Subtract this number from your top bust size and use the difference in inches to calculate your cup size.

Sister Sizes

Alternate sizes where the cup capacity stays the same, despite the letter of the cup and band size being different.

*Our sizing system is unique and different. Please refer to our customized size chart and size calculator to find your size.

Size Chart