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Article: What is Shaping Bra?

What is Shaping Bra?

What is Shaping Bra?

The Bradelis Shaping Step System
"Women can be beautiful anytime, and anywhere."
Bradelis strongly believes that all women are beautiful at all times. We hope to support every women in discovering their potentials and achieving their "ideal selves".

Shaping bras, also known as shaping or contouring bras, are undergarments designed to provide support, lift, and enhance the shape of a woman's breasts. They are typically constructed with special features and materials to create a desired silhouette and improve the overall appearance of the bust.

Underwear Establishes Your Body Shape's Foundation 
Many women do not know that continue wearing ill-fitted lingerie, such as wearing a wrong size bra or a bra that does not fit your breasts' shape, is one of the major reasons the natural body shape gets out of shape.

What is a WRONG bra?
There are so many signs that tell that you are wearing the incorrect size or style.
  • underband size too tight
  • underband size too loose
  • cup size too small
  • cup size too big
  • shoulder straps keep falling
  • underwire digging
  • underband keeps riding up
  • overflowing tissues from the cups
  • gapping on the cups
  • underarm bulges
  • back bulges
  • breast shape goes saggy even if you did not give birth
  • breasts growing wider and wider apart
  • breasts not centered and no cleavage
  • etc.
If you tick one or more of the above signs, then it means you have not been wearing the correct underwear for your body.
Our concept is that by wearing the right bra at the correct position, your breasts can achieve the "golden triangle", which is the ideal breast position.
Furthermore with our functionally designed bras and scooping method, the excess back and underarm tissues that was overflown from wearing the wrong bra can be shaped back into the breasts area, thus not only creating a slimmer silhouette but also establishing the foundation for a natural and beautiful breast shape. 
The goal is to deliver a beautiful breast shape even when you are not wearing any bra. 

With that in mind, Bradelis developed the step system, aiming to help every women step by step and learn the correct way of wearing the RIGHT bra. As well as to improve some of the breast shape concerns that women mostly have - sagging, underarm and back bulges, and breasts having no volume.
If you want a natural and beautiful breast shape, it is recommended that you start now - the earlier you realize, the easier your breast shape can be improved.

Step 0 Wire-Free & Hold
Step 1 Scoop & Shape
Step 2 Push-Up & Plunge
Step 3 Lift & Contour

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