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Our Japan born creator, Akiyo Hirakubo, became fascinated with American lingerie while studying in the U.S. but noticed there was a lack of sizing for women of her stature and body type. This inspired her to start a brand that would cater those with smaller frames, herself included. Thus, Bradelis New York was born. Akiyo’s mission has always been to create lingerie that not only looked beautiful but could also help women reshape their silhouette.

Bradelis New York was formed in 1994 out of our obsession with lingerie and the need to create pieces that we believe should be classic yet functional. At Bradelis – a blend of the words “bra” and “fleur de lis”, we are constantly inspired by the chic style of the fashion capital of the world: New York. Our products are made with intricate Japanese craftsmanship and the idea that women should always feel beautiful and confident in what they wear.

At our boutiques in New York, Taiwan and throughout Japan, our fit stylists are committed to providing the ultimate fitting experience through personalized attention tailored to the customer. Since our inception over 30 years ago, we’ve launched many seasonal collections while helping women reshape their silhouette with our support lingerie.