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Article: When Should You Replace Your Old Bras?

When Should You Replace Your Old Bras?

When Should You Replace Your Old Bras?

4 Signs You Need A New Bra

With bras being a functional apparel, it is important that we keep our bras in shape in order to maintain their breast-shaping functions.

Here are some key points on when you should replace your old bras.

  • Distorted Underwires
  • If your wires are bent and have a gap when you fold the cups, this means that your bra is no longer able to provide the correct support and shape your breasts need. More to that, when wires are distorted, they may easily poke through the fabric and cause injuries. It is highly recommended that you replace your old bra when your bra becomes like this:

  • Misshaped Cups
  • The cups of the bra play an important role in providing support and correct shape. If the cups are misshaped they can no longer hold your breasts properly and give you a round bust shape. When your cups have flatten like this below, your bust shape will also get distorted.

  • Loose Band
  • The back band helps to support your back and holds the bust in place. When the fabric becomes thin and wrinkly, the back becomes weak and is unable to stabilize the bra in the correct position. 

  • Loose Straps
  • When your shoulder straps feel loose and do not fit properly, this is the sign that the straps have lost their elasticity and supportive functions. The major function for shoulder straps is that they help hold and lift up the weight of your breasts. If your breasts are not supported, it easily causes sagging as the bra cannot be worn in the correct position.

    In general, the lifespan of a bra is around 3 months assuming you wear it everyday. If you would like to extend its usage, we recommend that you wash and store your delicate lingerie in a proper way. It is best to hand wash your delicate items with lingerie detergent and store them in a spacious drawer to avoid distorting or misshaping. 

    Learn more about our Wear and Care here:

    Main Takeaways

    Question 1 : When should I replace my old bra?

    Answer: It is recommended to change your bras every 3 months.

    Question 2 : How do I know when to buy new bras?

    Answer: Check if your bra has any of these problems: wires are distorted, cups misshaped, band becomes loose and shoulder straps lose elasticity. If you find any one of these signs, or if you feel that the bra does not fit, then you should consider buying new bras.

    Question 3 : What is the proper way to wash your bras?

    Answer: We recommend hand washing them delicately with lingerie soap. 

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