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Article: Beat the Heat in Style and Comfort: Your 2024 Guide to the Perfect Summer Bra

Beat the Heat in Style and Comfort: Your 2024 Guide to the Perfect Summer Bra

Beat the Heat in Style and Comfort: Your 2024 Guide to the Perfect Summer Bra


Summer is here, and the last thing anyone wants is an uncomfortable bra damp with sweat or digging into their skin. So, what makes a great summer bra? Here are 7 key features to look for when choosing your warm-weather essential:


Seamless and Light-Colored:

T-shirts, tank tops, and breezy blouses are summer staples. To avoid any awkward lines or show-through, opt for seamless bras in simple basic colors such as black and mocha beige.

Seamless Molded T-Shirt Bra

Summer Pick #1
Seamless Molded T-Shirt Bra

Breathable and Lightweight:

Stay cool and dry with breathable fabrics like mesh, light tricot, or lace. Cotton is another excellent option, especially for those with sensitive skin, as it's gentle and helps prevent sweat rashes.

Cotton Blend Daily Wireless Bra 24

Summer Pick #2 
Cotton Blend Daily Wireless Bra 24


Comfortable and Supportive:

Wireless bras are the ultimate in summer comfort, offering a relaxed fit for long, hot days. But don't sacrifice support! Bradelis' patented wireless bras use innovative fit-tech to lift and shape, giving you a natural silhouette and all-day comfort. Once you experience the freedom of our wireless bras, you'll never go back! (Learn more about our patented designs here.)

Hug Me Wireless Shaping BraSummer Pick #3 
Hug Me Wireless Shaping Bra

Washable and Quick-Drying:

Summer sweat means more frequent washes, so choose bras that are easy to care for. Wireless bras, with their simple construction, dry quickly and are less delicate than their wired counterparts. Hand-washing is always recommended, but a gentle machine wash in a lingerie bag is also an option. Just say no to the dryer – it can damage the fabric and ruin the shape of your bra.

Seamless Push-Up Wireless Shaping Bra

Packable and Versatile:

Summer often means travel, and the ideal bra should be easy to pack and versatile enough to match various outfits. Wired bras can be bulky and easily lose their shape in a suitcase. A wireless bra, however, can be rolled or folded without worry. Bradelis offers a variety of stylish wireless bras that will take you from a casual day out to a romantic evening, all while keeping you comfortable and confident.

Light Comfort Shaping Bra Camisole
Summer Pick #5
Light Comfort Shaping Bra Camisole



Look for bras with moisture-wicking properties to help keep you dry and comfortable even on the hottest days. Bradelis' innovative fabrics are designed to pull moisture away from your skin, keeping you feeling fresh and confident.

All In One Light Wireless Shaping Bra


A good summer bra should offer adjustability in the straps and band to ensure a perfect fit. This is especially important as our bodies fluctuate with the heat and humidity. Bradelis bras are designed with multiple adjustments to provide a custom fit that moves with you.


Ready to upgrade your summer bra wardrobe? Discover Bradelis' top picks for staying cool and supported all season long. Remeber to use the savings code: 24JUN10 and get 10% off. 




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