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Article: Celebrating 12 Years of Excellence at Bradelis New York's Madison Store!

Celebrating 12 Years of Excellence at Bradelis New York's Madison Store!

Celebrating 12 Years of Excellence at Bradelis New York's Madison Store!

Spring has sprung, and it brings with it a momentous occasion – April marks the 12th Anniversary of our NY Store that has been beloved by Customers for over a decade as a sanctuary for celebrating their womanhood by always being able to find the ideal Bra for themselves time after time.

We are deeply thankful for the opportunity to serve you, our cherished customers, and we extend our heartfelt gratitude for your unwavering support over the years. Your valuable feedback and commitment to self-care have played a pivotal role in our journey of continuous improvement.

Since 2012, our Madison store has become a cozy retreat in the heart of New York City, where you can find bras that not only give you amazing support and comfort but also celebrate the beautiful craftsmanship of Japan, paying attention to every little detail. From wired and wireless bras to panties, thongs, and shape-wear, each piece in our collection is carefully crafted to enhance your natural shape and boost your confidence.

But what really makes Bradelis New York special is our commitment to inclusivity. We believe that “Every Body” is unique, which is why we start our sizing from underbands of 30 and offer XS sizes. Our goal is to ensure that everyone, regardless of their genetic makeup or anatomy, no matter their shape or size, can always find their perfect fit in our Store and feel amazing in the Bra of their choosing. Lingerie is so much more than just a piece of clothing - it is the most intimate layer of cloth that adorns our bodies and allows us to feel comfortable and beautiful - to ourselves!

Our goal is to make your bra shopping experience extraordinary, especially for those of Asian descent who may have specific preferences and needs. With our dedication to marry innovative design with impeccable quality that Japanese craftsmanship is renowned for, we've been leading the way in revolutionizing shaping bras. With your support, we hope to continue to evolve our offerings by accentuating design, technology and the most pivotal ingredient -  the feedback, patronage and encouragement of our Customers.

Our patented designs are tailored to meet the diverse needs of our loyal customers. As we introduce our latest Collection for Spring/Summer 2024 exclusively at our Madison Store, we'd love to invite you to join us for a personalized fit consultation with one of our Fit Stylists. Let us help you discover the perfect bra that not only looks amazing but also feels incredibly comfortable. 


To schedule an appointment for a fitting in person, simply click the link below!


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Our Madison Store's TOP Recommendations!



Begin your journey with our timeless Jasmine Shaping Step 1 Bra. A beloved classic since its debut in 2015, this top-selling item ensures the perfect size and fit, elevating both your comfort and confidence.


Indulge in comfort, style, and functionality with our popular T-shirt wireless shaping bra. Featuring patented technologies, this bra enhances your natural curves for a seamless silhouette.





Discover everyday versatility with our Hug Me wireless shaping bra. Whether you're tackling work tasks from home, enjoying outdoor adventures, or jet-setting on travel escapades, this bra provides unparalleled comfort and support.

Join us as we celebrate 12 years of excellence at Bradelis New York's NY store. Explore our exquisite collection of shaping bras, meticulously designed to empower and inspire you!

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