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Please check your Bradelis Size before placing your order to ensure the correct fit. Japan size is displayed first, followed by the corresponding US size.

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Elin Full Coverage Bra 23S1Elin Full Coverage Bra 23S1
Belle Push-Up Plunge Bra 24S1Belle Push-Up Plunge Bra 24S1
Rose Panty 23A1Rose Panty 23A1
Jasmine Smoothing Panty 22A1Jasmine Smoothing Panty 22A1
Silky Smooth Shaping Panty 24Silky Smooth Shaping Panty 24
Jacqueline Contour Perfection Bra 24S1Jacqueline Contour Perfection Bra 24S1
Belle Push-Up Plunge Bra 24S2Belle Push-Up Plunge Bra 24S2
Nudy Style Panty 24S1Nudy Style Panty 24S1
With Me Bikini 24S1With Me Bikini 24S1
Rose Panty 24S1Rose Panty 24S1
Belle Panty 23S2Belle Panty 23S2
Elin Thong 23S1Elin Thong 23S1
Wendy Smoothing Thong 23A2Wendy Smoothing Thong 23A2
Jacqueline Chemise 22A1Jacqueline Chemise 22A1
Yukine 365Days Wireless Bra CamisoleYukine 365Days Wireless Bra Camisole
Full Coverage Wireless Shaping Bra 24Full Coverage Wireless Shaping Bra 24
Full Coverage Lacy Panty 24Full Coverage Lacy Panty 24
Seamless PantySeamless Panty
Wendy Thong 24S2Wendy Thong 24S2
Easy Slim Satin Bust-Up Wireless Bra 24Easy Slim Satin Bust-Up Wireless Bra 24
Easy Slim Lacy Panty 24Easy Slim Lacy Panty 24
Jasmine Panty 24S3Jasmine Panty 24S3
Jasmine Thong 24S2Jasmine Thong 24S2
Rose Thong 24S1Rose Thong 24S1
Wendy Thong 24S1Wendy Thong 24S1
Jasmine Thong 23S1Jasmine Thong 23S1
Jacqueline Thong 23S1Jacqueline Thong 23S1
Belle Panty 24S1Belle Panty 24S1
Jasmine Shaping Bra 24S1Jasmine Shaping Bra 24S1
Happy Bust-Up Bra Camisole 24Happy Bust-Up Bra Camisole 24
Yukine Comfort Shaping Panty 24Yukine Comfort Shaping Panty 24
Yukine Comfort Shaping Bra Camisole 24Yukine Comfort Shaping Bra Camisole 24
Naomi Push-Up Plunge Bra 24S2Naomi Push-Up Plunge Bra 24S2
Full Coverage Wireless Bra Camisole 24Full Coverage Wireless Bra Camisole 24
Full Coverage Lacy Wireless Bra 24Full Coverage Lacy Wireless Bra 24
Viola Thong 24S1Viola Thong 24S1
Viola Panty 24S1Viola Panty 24S1
Viola Contour Perfection Bra 24S1Viola Contour Perfection Bra 24S1
Jacqueline Panty 24S1Jacqueline Panty 24S1
Wendy Panty 24S2Wendy Panty 24S2
Easy Slim Satin Panty 24Easy Slim Satin Panty 24
Easy Slim Satin Bust-Up Shaper 24Easy Slim Satin Bust-Up Shaper 24
Jasmine Thong 24S3Jasmine Thong 24S3
Smooth Style Panty 24S1Smooth Style Panty 24S1
Support Style Panty 24S1Support Style Panty 24S1
Jasmine Panty 24S2Jasmine Panty 24S2
Belle Chemise 24S1Belle Chemise 24S1
Belle Thong 24S1Belle Thong 24S1