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Please check your Bradelis Size before placing your order to ensure the correct fit. Japan size is displayed first, followed by the corresponding US size.

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All In One Style Lacy PantyAll In One Style Lacy Panty
All In One Style PantyAll In One Style Panty
Belle PantyBelle Panty
Matching Panty
Belle Panty Sale price¥4,290
Belle Panty 23A1Belle Panty 23A1
Belle Panty 23S2Belle Panty 23S2
Belle Panty 24S1Belle Panty 24S1
Belle Panty 24S2Belle Panty 24S2
Belle Thong 23A1Belle Thong 23A1
Belle Thong 23S1Belle Thong 23S1
Belle Thong 24S1Belle Thong 24S1
Belle Thong 24S2Belle Thong 24S2
Front-Close Style Matching BikiniFront-Close Style Matching Bikini
Heart Cup Panty 21A2Heart Cup Panty 21A2
Matching Panty
Heart Cup Panty 21A2 Sale price¥2,300 Regular price¥3,520
Jacqueline Panty 21A1Jacqueline Panty 21A1
Matching Panty
Jacqueline Panty 21A1 Sale price¥3,000 Regular price¥6,600
Jacqueline Panty 22S1Jacqueline Panty 22S1
Matching Panty
Jacqueline Panty 22S1 Sale price¥4,000 Regular price¥6,600
Jacqueline Panty 23A1Jacqueline Panty 23A1
Jacqueline Panty 24S1Jacqueline Panty 24S1
Jacqueline Thong 23A1Jacqueline Thong 23A1
Jacqueline Thong 23S1Jacqueline Thong 23S1
Jacqueline Thong 24S1Jacqueline Thong 24S1
Jasmine Hipster 23S1Jasmine Hipster 23S1
Jasmine PantyJasmine Panty
Matching Panty
Jasmine Panty Sale price¥4,290
Jasmine Panty 22A1Jasmine Panty 22A1
Matching Panty
Jasmine Panty 22A1 Sale price¥2,970 Regular price¥4,950
Jasmine Panty 22A2Jasmine Panty 22A2
Matching Panty
Jasmine Panty 22A2 Sale price¥3,400 Regular price¥4,950
Jasmine Panty 22A3Jasmine Panty 22A3
Matching Panty
Jasmine Panty 22A3 Sale price¥2,970 Regular price¥4,950
Jasmine Panty 22S1Jasmine Panty 22S1
Matching Panty
Jasmine Panty 22S1 Sale price¥2,500 Regular price¥4,950
Jasmine Panty 22S2Jasmine Panty 22S2
Matching Panty
Jasmine Panty 22S2 Sale price¥2,500 Regular price¥4,950
Jasmine Panty 22S4Jasmine Panty 22S4
Matching Panty
Jasmine Panty 22S4 Sale price¥3,300 Regular price¥4,950
Jasmine Panty 22S5Jasmine Panty 22S5
Matching Panty
Jasmine Panty 22S5 Sale price¥3,000 Regular price¥4,400
Jasmine Panty 22S6Jasmine Panty 22S6
Matching Panty
Jasmine Panty 22S6 Sale price¥2,200 Regular price¥4,400
Jasmine Panty 23A1Jasmine Panty 23A1
Jasmine Panty 23A2Jasmine Panty 23A2
Jasmine Panty 23A3Jasmine Panty 23A3
Matching Panty
Jasmine Panty 23A3 Sale price¥3,400 Regular price¥4,950
Jasmine Panty 23S1Jasmine Panty 23S1
Jasmine Panty 24S1Jasmine Panty 24S1
Jasmine Panty 24S2Jasmine Panty 24S2
Jasmine Panty 24S3Jasmine Panty 24S3
Jasmine Shorts 21A1Jasmine Shorts 21A1
Matching Panty
Jasmine Shorts 21A1 Sale price¥3,400 Regular price¥4,950
Jasmine Smoothing Panty 22A1Jasmine Smoothing Panty 22A1
Jasmine ThongJasmine Thong
Matching Panty
Jasmine Thong Sale price¥3,960
Jasmine Thong 22A1Jasmine Thong 22A1
Matching Panty
Jasmine Thong 22A1 Sale price¥2,772 Regular price¥4,620
Jasmine Thong 22A3Jasmine Thong 22A3
Matching Panty
Jasmine Thong 22A3 Sale price¥2,772 Regular price¥4,620
Jasmine Thong 22S2Jasmine Thong 22S2
Matching Panty
Jasmine Thong 22S2 Sale price¥2,300 Regular price¥4,620
Jasmine Thong 22S4Jasmine Thong 22S4
Matching Panty
Jasmine Thong 22S4 Sale price¥3,000 Regular price¥4,620
Jasmine Thong 23A1Jasmine Thong 23A1
Jasmine Thong 23A2Jasmine Thong 23A2
Jasmine Thong 23S1Jasmine Thong 23S1
Jasmine Thong 24S1Jasmine Thong 24S1