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Article: 5 Essential Summer Bra Tips

5 Essential Summer Bra Tips

5 Essential Summer Bra Tips



What should we look for in a Good Summer Bra?

It's hot and sweaty over the summer season and no one wants to reveal a sweat-soaked bra over your t-shirt or have a bra sticking to and poking your skin.

Here are 5 important tips we should look for when choosing a summer bra. 

1. Seamless and Light-Colored 

T-shirts are summer's favorite style. A simple white tee requires a seamless and non-see through bra, so the breast area would not be too awkward or revealing. Other than moulded t-shirt basic bras, another tip is to choose nude, white or light pinkish colors to match your skin tone. 

2. Breathable and Lightweight 

Who likes being sticky and sweaty during summer? No one! Therefore, a good summer bra should be breathable and lightweight, ideally to feel like wearing nothing! Breathable and lightweight materials like mesh fabrics, light tricot fabric and lace are good choices for summer bras. While cotton is also an alternative option as it is gentle to the skin and reduces sweat rashes for sensitive skin. 

3. Comfortable and Supportive 

When it comes to summer bras, the top pick would be wireless bras. The main reason is because they are easier to wear during hot long days and provides a more relaxed fit. Not only Bradelis's wireless bras are comfortable, they also provide good support all day. Our patented wireless bras help to lift and push up your breasts by using fit-tech innovation. Experience the ultimate wirefree comfort! Once you tried our wireless bras, we ensure you that you would not want to wear other bras again. Read more about our patent designs here.

4. Washable and Fast Drying

A bra needs to be washed every day, especially during sweaty summer days. However, a lace bra usually takes time to hand wash and hang dry. This is where a wireless bra comes handy. Wireless bras are easier to wash and dry as they are less delicate than lace wired bras. The fabrics that we use for our wireless bras are also fast-drying and remains good stretch after washing. We highly recommend hand-washing your bras but you can still machine wash your wireless bras with a lingerie washing net when there is not time. But do not use a dryer for bras as this will affect the fabric properties and misshape the bra. 

5. Packable and Easy to Match (for travel!)

Summer holidays and vacations are a enjoyable summer event for all. Bringing different styles and outfits to match your travel agenda is a pleasure for many women, especially fashionistas who love documenting their travels. Wired bras may not be the most convenient as they take up space and are easily pressed against when packed inside a suitcase. On the other hand, a wireless bra can be rolled up or folded without the worries of getting misshaped. For this reason, Bradelis has many different designs of wireless bras for you to choose from. Either it is a sexy date night or a shopping day that requires comfort with style, Bradelis has got you covered! 

Here are some of Bradelis's favorite summer top picks:








Click here for more summer bra styles.

Another useful tip - click here to learn when to replace your bras.

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