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Article: When to wear Bradelis Step 2 & Step 3 Shaping Bras?

When to wear Bradelis Step 2 & Step 3 Shaping Bras?

When to wear Bradelis Step 2 & Step 3 Shaping Bras?

 When to Step Up to Shaping Step 2 and 3?

Many customers ask about when can they wear Step 2 and Step 3. 

In average it takes 6 months for the breast shape to improve from Step 1. 

In order to go into Step 2, we recommend that you have fulfilled all the below 3 situations:

1. when your current Step 1 Shaping Bra is too small and breast tissues overflow the cups  without padding

2. when you see improvements in underarm and back tissues

3. when you have developed an obvious underbust line (the line that differentiates your upper stomach and bottom part of the breasts)

If you have fulfilled these conditions, then we recommend you to try Step 2 Naomi Styles or move up to Step 1 Wendy Styles if you have been wearing Step 1 Jasmine Styles.

Consequently when you have fulfilled all the 3 conditions after wearing your Step 2 Naomi Styles, we recommend to step up to Step 2 Belle Styles or Step 3 Jacqueline Styles. 


To sum up, the usual recommended shaping process is:

Step 1 Jasmine Styles (6 months) ➝ Step 1 Wendy Styles (3-6 months) ➝ Step 2 Naomi Styles (6 months) ➝ Optional: Step 2 Rose Styles (3 months to further shape underarm bulges) ➝ Step 2 Belle Styles (3-6 months) ➝ Step 3 Jacqueline Styles (3-6 months) ➝ Step 3 Viola Styles (final step)

It is not mandatory to follow all the steps above and all shaping bras can be worn alternatively depending on your preferences. For instant if you want instant plunge effect you can still choose Step 2 without wearing Step 1. And even if you are able to wear Step 3 you can still wear Step 1 shaping bras anytime.

Since everyone's breast shape and preferences are different, we highly recommend that you consult our online customer service on which step you should choose after Step 1. 

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