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Holiday Style Guide

Joyful RED, Angelic WHITE, Chic BLACK and Romantic PINK.
Pair up your holiday outfit with our beautiful lingerie sets.

Which one is your holiday mood this year?

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Jasmine Shaping Bra 22A1Jasmine Shaping Bra 22A1
Step 1 Scoop & Shape
Jasmine Shaping Bra 22A1 Sale price¥6,900 Regular price¥9,900
Wendy Shaping Bra 22A1Wendy Shaping Bra 22A1
Step 1 Scoop & Shape
Wendy Shaping Bra 22A1 Sale price¥7,700 Regular price¥11,000
Wendy Shaping Bra 22A2Wendy Shaping Bra 22A2
Jacqueline Panty 21A1Jacqueline Panty 21A1
Matching Panty
Jacqueline Panty 21A1 Sale price¥3,000 Regular price¥6,600
Wendy Panty 22A1Wendy Panty 22A1
Matching Panty
Wendy Panty 22A1 Sale price¥3,400 Regular price¥4,950
Rose Push-Up Plunge Bra 22A1Rose Push-Up Plunge Bra 22A1
Jasmine Panty 22A1Jasmine Panty 22A1
Matching Panty
Jasmine Panty 22A1 Sale price¥3,400 Regular price¥4,950
Naomi Push-Up Plunge Bra 22A2Naomi Push-Up Plunge Bra 22A2
Step 2 Push-Up & Plunge
Naomi Push-Up Plunge Bra 22A2 Sale price¥9,200 Regular price¥13,200
Wendy Panty 22A2Wendy Panty 22A2
Jacqueline Contour Perfection Bra 22A1Jacqueline Contour Perfection Bra 22A1
Jasmine Thong 22A1Jasmine Thong 22A1
Matching Panty
Jasmine Thong 22A1 Sale price¥3,100 Regular price¥4,620
Rose Panty 22A1Rose Panty 22A1
Wendy Thong 22A2Wendy Thong 22A2
Jacqueline Chemise 22A1Jacqueline Chemise 22A1
Rose Thong 22A1Rose Thong 22A1